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Still doing cash forecasting & reporting manually?

Watch the video below and learn how other accounting/finance professionals are turning to automation!



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Commonly Asked Questions...

What is "Trovata"? Trovata is a JP Morgan-backed cash reporting & forecasting solution. We connect directly with banks using API integrations and consolidate all bank info into one unified platform to improve cash visibility.

Will this take a long time to set up? Nope! Through our advanced integrations with banks we can have you up and running in as little as three hours.

A solution like this is probably expensive? Quite the opposite! Since we are powered through open banking, our system is way more affordable than legacy systems. 

Will this take a lot of internal resources to implement? Almost none. Our team of experts work directly with your banks, requiring no IT involvement on your end.

I like the concept but this demo didn't really show me enough to make a decision. Glad you brought this up! Let's show you a more customized experience. Click below to get started.

Introducing Trovata.io

  • No Implementation (~1 hour set-up)
  • No IT needed
  • Real-time access to Cash Positioning, Cash Flow Analysis, and Cash Forecasting

75% of the work that goes into analyzing cash is manually compiling the source data and rolling over Excel models for most companies. Put an end to manual workflows with Trovata.io


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